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Preview of Storm the other night !

Full video coming soon. Been building a large data base over the last few months so I have plenty of stock footage to make video's out of and have acquired quit a bit so this is why I have not been doing to many videos on here for a while. Bought some large storage devices to store footage on and been building towards some new additions as well. Making plans for the future as always, just because you getting older does not mean you stop looking forward because any life at any age can be snuffed out light a light at any given moment. Good lord is willing to keep me here for a while longer than I will keep going on. Look forward not back I always say. hopes to be around a while AND going to take it back out on the road soon as well so Things will be changing , Storm Chasing will soon be back on my agenda . Doing some other new things as well but getting back into it real soon and this will be a good come back from the down time. Got some fantastic storms heading your way so be watching. Thanks for watching as always and hope to see you in the near FUTURE.

Posted by donelliott357 on June 21, 2016 at 3:47 AM 349 Views

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